What I Want To Send…

Sometimes the way staff recklessly print things off without knowing where or how many it is mind-boggling.  And frankly, it’s so painfully wasteful that I can’t stand it.  This is the email I’m refraining from sending to the staff:

Happy Nearly Holidays, Everyone!

Nearly.  Until then, this printer Scrooge will be watching!

There has been over half a ream of paper printed between the labs up here that remain unclaimed.  I think it’s about 1/4 of a Tolstoy novel printed out for some light reading over the break.  But honestly, wouldn’t it be more satisfying to go and pick up the entire book at a local store with the gift card you are sure to receive in the next week?

Rest assured folks, I will fight deforestation as best I can by recycling any and all papers not picked up by 2pm.  So pick up your stuff in a timely manner, or your papers will become the rear end of someone else’s printing job.  Gotta leave some trees to be cut down for next year’s festivities, after all.