A Long Walk…

Yesterday was a busy one. I left work early to get M from work down in Minneapolis and drive back up to the daycare to see the kids’ Christmas show. Leaving work, I saw my car was nearly out of gas, so popped over to the station to top up. One back in my car, the shoulder belt had gotten itself stuck. Cursing its frayed edge and using the passenger belt as a substitute, I drove to the Park And Ride where M’s car was, switched vehicles, and proceeded on my original mission to just go get her.
The show was cute and fun for the kids. Most of them didn’t know what to think, what with singing in front of a crowd of a hundred parents with cameras going off. Austin wouldn’t sing until he caught sight of Mommy, who had just moved down for a closer shot of him. I had to point her out, then he was on track, flailing his limbs as he sang.

The toddlers were the greatest show. They were supposed to simply walk around a snowman to the tune of Frosty the Snowman. Well, instead they just jumped up and down on the stage and looked for their parents. It amused me a great deal.

I managed, in the massive kerfuffle of parents getting their kids, I left our camera at the school. So a little later, I went back to grab that, then got some drive through for dinner. Then I proceeded to relax for the rest of the evening, getting the boy in bed, watching the BBC series The Office.

When I got to bed, finally, I snuggle up next to M. Then she mentioned that we never did get the car, did we? Well crap. So I put on my coat and hat and proceeded to walk. I was a bad gauge of the distance, since I thought it was closer to half a mile rather than two or three. Oh well.

It has been ages since I last walked so far with such a purpose. With my wife and son, I usually have to hold back my natural pace I inherited from my father. I got trucking, and got there pretty quickly, considering I’m trying to walk anywhere west of New England. It gave me time to enjoy the walk and even give my sister a ring. I had not spoken with her in way too long, and needed to congratulate her on finishing her degree in film this semester. I’m proud of her.