Little Rituals For Holidays…

Last Saturday, the three of us headed to downtown Minneapolis. The goal was to see this year’s Macy’s display. After waiting over an hour, mostly spent in line to get to the display, ogling incredibly expensive furniture that I mostly did not care for. At least to keep the boy occupied, we had him be our official chair-tester. He had some very valid opinions to be sure.
The display, as last year, was wonderful. This year’s theme was The Nutcracker. Mommy was reading the captions as Austin was captivated by the fantastic scenes. The big battle between the soldiers and the mice was especially entrancing.

At the end of the afternoon was a meeting with good ol’ Saint Nick. This was the second time the lad met Santa, and M and I agree that he’s a bit put off by the jolly old elf. I’ll post the picture when I can, but man… the kid just doesn’t like him. Part of it may be that he’s a big bearded guy (I’ve suggested that I should grow my beard back; M still has yet to reply) and the other part is that Austin thinks Santa is an instant gift machine and so is very disappointing.

On Sunday afternoon, I went out on my own to pick up our Christmas tree. Yes, it’s a little later than I would’ve liked, but as always, things do tend to come up. But I finally did it. It is a bit funky, I will admit, but there it is and it smells nice. Once again, I had a moment that brought home the fact I am the Dad now. I hauled the tree out of the car and trimmed it up so it would fit in the stand. My pop did it nearly every single year of my life. Now it’s up to me. I’m a bit proud of myself, even though it’s a small thing.

Monday night was when we finally decorated the tree. We have some nice pearled lights and a few ornaments from friends and family. I have always loved getting a live tree and decorating it with my family. It is a wonderful tradition, but sometimes these moments are tough for me. I miss doing this with my folks and my sister. I am proud to pass it on to my son and future one, don’t get me wrong.

And tonight I got to share another little tradition with my boy. He and I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. It had been ages since I last saw the movie. And I still find it wonderful, and even more profound now that I am an adult. Still, nothing beats my son laughing at Snoopy gliding around the frozen pond.

Cheers, all!