Being a Shill…

I sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of extra reading and work I need to do in life. It’s not just for school, either. I can keep up with school, though often at the expense of personal reading. There’s also all the news in the world to keep up with. I’m lucky if I read through an article each daily from The Economist and The Wall Street Journal.
Now on top of that, with us expecting another us bouncing around here soon, there’s even more reading to do. I get tossed on my lap a good number of novels to read on top of I usually try to do, history and politics. Now I’m building up my reading list to hopefully cover in the next month before I’m taking three night classes starting the ides of January.

My list here is also a bit of an introduction to a side project I’ve been fiddling with, and that is building an online store as an Amazon affiliate. My plan so far is to build up lists of books and movies and other whatnots in my life that I will occasionally review either on my own or on request. Those lists are a place for people to browse and feel welcome to ask me about what’s up there. And the big thing is that if someone happens to buy anything on there, I make a minuscule percentage. It’s a great deal over at The Fry Shop.

Here are what I’ve recently read:

The Party of the First Part by Adam Freedman. This book was a light, amusing read on the legal language we are bound to as citizens in the English-speaking world, but cannot understand possibly understand. Of course, the reason it is legally binding is that it is written so the common person may comprehend it. Right.

Teacher Man by Frank McCourt. I read this one twice, actually. The first time for my own pleasure. I loved it. I enjoyed Angela’s Ashes a great deal as well. The second time with Teacher Man was for my recently completed Educational Psychology class, analyzing his methods in the classroom. It is a very down to Earth book. It’s no huge thing; it’s just his life.

Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. My wife handed this book to me after reading it in an afternoon. It’s a funny and frank book of short essays about the oddities of pregnancy. Still, after reading it, I have no idea who the hell Jenny McCarthy is. (Don’t post the answer either; I don’t actually care.)

Jodi Picoult is a great author who my wife also usually reads in a single sitting. M has her entire collection on the shelf. I’ve read Perfect Match, Salem Falls, and Nineteen Minutes. I enjoyed them all thoroughly and was engrossed the entire time. That says a lot, since they are books I probably would not have read on my own.

My current and growing reading list that I’d like to finish over my current break from classes:

A History of the Jews by Paul Johnson.

The Meditations of Marus Aurelius.

Husband Coached Childbirth by Robert A Bradley.