Delving for Peace…

Last Tuesday was the summation of a great number of tough days. Between work, school, home, and plenty of other things piling up. Just when I thought the current day was the worst I would deal with for a while, the next would show up with the kind of grin I usually reserve for myself when I come up with another brilliant joke. So by Tuesday, there was a great din of doubt in ringing in my head about every aspect of my life, particularly my future.
As soon as I arrived home from class that night, the whipped cream to top my fecal pie, I went straight for the basement. The boy was in bed and M was watching television. In the basement, we have a closet under the stairs where we keep a small floor freezer and my small supply of beer and wine. I had my intention for the evening while I was driving home. I had the stereo blaring as loud as possible to drown the noise in my head.

I picked out a red that I hadn’t had before. I walked back upstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard. We have a monstrous corkscrew that pops the cork from the bottle and then peels it off the cork in a couple moves of the lever. It is quite impressive.

I poured a small amount into the glass. It gurgled and splashed as it came out of the bottle. I remembered what my uncle and my father had taught me, that oxygen wakes it up. Beer is the same way; it needs a little head on it to have the flavor surface. With the red awoken, I took my glass to the basement.

All I had been searching for since driving from class was silence. There’s no chance at silence in a car. There’s the noise of the highway that needed to be drowned out by the stereo. Especially with the Princess still running around screaming as usual.

Hence my basement. I went into an empty spare room and closed the door. Ah, the quiet. Immediately I felt better. I put my back against the wall and slid down to the floor. It was like a vast empty space opened up after I had been crowded in by hundreds of people in a single room.

That was when I finally delved. I took the glass up to my nose. With my eyes closed, I drank with my sinuses. It was the bouquet. It instantly eased my muscles a bit.  All the tension and stress of the past two weeks had piled up in my back.  I remember smelling something refreshing in the glass, almost as if I was just smelling spring water.

Then I took a sip.

It was what I had smelled and more.  For a red, it was oddly refreshing.  That one sip, tasting all I could, thinking I wished I had some cheese to go with it, was instantly relaxing.  Such was my goal.

Slowly, very slowly, I sipped at my glass of wine.  I was in silence and pouring my mind into one thing: that glass.  It did wonders.  Really, it was a great meditation for me.  I don’t know how to meditate in any actual way.  It is not a part of any personal religious practice.  So I take it when I can, and this was it.

It was a single glass of red wine.  And with it I focused in silence and clarified my mind.  It also helped that my wife came down and sat next to me.  She set her head on my shoulder and when I was ready, I vented away.  Bless her heart, she listened to every word.

I’m better for having meditated that night, gone to bed early, and having five days off from work to let me absolutely wipe out and reset my house.  Every time I do, it feels like our home comes that much closer to seeming as though grownups live here.  It’s neat.

Wine is unique among all beverages in the world.  There is so much to it.  And when your mind is clear and in the right place, it can open itself up to you.