Happy Thanksgiving!

TG07 House
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It started snowing up here in the great white north last night, and luckily it was just cold enough to stick. So this is what we got to wake up to. I think it’s grand and makes a great in-your-face to Californians.

After the break are the rest of my pictures for this Thanksgiving post. Maybe I should record myself giving a toast, too. Then it’d be a toast post. Of course, the company holding all this information would be the toast post host. And it goes without saying that you hate that company, so maybe you should have a toast post host roast. This makes me boast more than most.

Michelle’s shaking her head while reading this over my shoulder. I’d better move on, lest I become a ghost. Ta!

The view out the window this morning:
TG07 Grill

To go back a little ways, here are some from Austin’s 4th birthday. It was a good day, and he was quite a chipper kid. This is Austin with the other October baby of the family, his Auntie Angie.
Austin07 Birthday Angie

Here he is spreading out his brand new quilt from Gram. Austin07 Birthday Quilt

That quilt is so awesome. It is, in fact, covered in dinosaurs!
Austin07 Birthday Quilt2

And the quilt was quickly approved by a master in such matters:
Puma07 Dino Quilt

We assume Puma’s an expert since he had to do the same with Mommy’s birthday quilt from Gram:
Puma07 Mommy Quilt

Amazing as it is, Spider-Man showed up at our place for Halloween this year!
Austin07 Halloween1

Here’s Spider-Man with his Grandma:
Austin07 Halloween2

This brings the picture parade down calendar lane to our anniversary. It’s our first one. I hope we didn’t screw it up (we didn’t eat the frozen cake top piece, mostly because we value our health).
Anniv07 Kiss

Here is my beautiful wife at dinner. Dinner, by the way, was absolutely fabulous.

Anniv07 Michelle

Just for fun, this was our champagne glasses with strawberries in them.
Anniv07 Champagne

And last of that event, this was my gift from M’s parents. I was, and still am, happy.
Anniv07 Evan Gift

Last night was Austin’s very first trip to the dentist. He lucked out, because it was his Aunt Dana that did his cleaning.
Austin07 Dentist1

He’s so proud of his shiny teeth. I still think they go SHING every time he smiles.
Austin07 Dentist2

And for the finale, a whole bunch of random pictures!



The best part of the whole show has got to be this final picture. Mostly it is for my mom, Gram, but definitely for all to enjoy.
Austin07 Funnies

Happy Thanksgiving again, everyone. Love and miss you all!