The Twitter Feed for 2011-08-28

  • Out with the old and in with the new. The transition to my new job is official. #
  • "Do you know what ass means? It means you all love me." #
  • Oy, so hard to hold back buying and installing Lion and iPhoto… #
  • Telling jokes about Indians is evil. It's a mock-a-sin.

    (braces for impact) #

  • vimtutor #
  • First I resign from my job, now Steve Jobs leaves Apple? What's next, Gaddafi leaves after 40 years in power? #stevejobs #
  • What I'm doing right now is cool. #
  • Allergies be damned. This week I'm going to be leaving my windows wide open. 70 in August? It's what dreams are made of! #