A Festival of Lights…

I had never heard of the Christmas Truce before.

That evening, at the stated time, German heads suddenly popped up and started to sing. Each number ended with a round of applause from both sides.

How big a deal it was or not doesn’t really matter, and turning it into a great myth is probably a good thing. We as humans need those historical moments emphasized to preserve the good faith in ourselves. Otherwise we are just left with the misery we inflict on one another. I wrote a piece about it a while back here.

I also love when a little humor sticks out of any situation. And after this sort of line, you can’t tell me that British and the Germans aren’t at least a little related (though the sentiment is rather French):

The Germans then asked the British to join in. At this point, one very mean-spirited Tommy shouted: ‘We’d rather die than sing German.’ To which a German joked aloud: ‘It would kill us if you did’.