Random Deliciousness…

I know my blogging has been infrequent, and I hope to cure it soon.  Hopefully, this little ditty on utter  nonsense can grease the wheels again…

Toaster ovens are superior to standard slot toasters.
This thesis popped into my head this afternoon while making lunch.  Some time ago, when my wife wasn’t feeling well, I did my best to make something that would sit okay in her stomach.  Looking around at the meager items that occupy my kitchen, I did a little experimenting.  I sliced a slightly stale croissant in half and proceeded to fill it with deli meat and sliced cheddar cheese.  It wasn’t anything profound or special (although the croissants from Costco are by far the best I’ve had on this side of the Atlantic), merely a croissant sandwich.
But then the great moment came.  I have long been a fan of hot sandwiches.  Hot food is more filling, melted cheese is a beautiful thing, and frankly I just don’t care for the cold condiments when actual meat and cheese juices can be had.  So I left the croissant sandwich open, cheese on one half, meat on the other half, and broiled the sucker for a bit in my toaster oven.  Lo and behold, the croissant became its natural, flavorful, flaky pastry self to be the bread component of a warm, tummy-filling sandwich.  My ill wife devoured it quickly, and I went ahead and believed my small experiment was a success (as I usually do for myself.)
This great achievement was only through the fact we own a toaster oven rather than a regular pop-up toaster.  I recreated my delectable delight today to the point of recalling its origins.  I can heat sandwiches, cook up fish sticks, and bake personal pizzas without using the big oven or the microwave.  It is a grand life that I lead, all thanks to my toaster oven.
However, I think that this trumps it.