One More…

Just one more thought for today (then my quota of three has been filled).

I have always seen studies in the sciences as divine pursuits.  It’s a logical concept, I think.  After all, is God not the creator of the universe, if not the universe itself?  I tend to think any attempts to understand or explain the universe brings us closer to understanding God.  And the more we are able to mimic those workings and use the same tools, then the closer we get to becoming like God, as we were created to be.
So why the seeming battle between the pursuit of science and the study of God?
In my classes, I use a great deal of exaggeration, sarcasm, and complete nonsense to get ideas across.  But every so often, one will chime in to refute what I say.  “Mr Fryer, penguins can’t fly, and they certainly can’t write html code.”  There really is only one response, and it gets repeated over the term enough to where the kids answer it themselves: “Hey kids, who’s the funniest person in the world?  A literalist.”