I Got Reviewed…

I neglected to mention what else happened Friday. I got called into the principal’s office to have a chat about the work I’ve done this year. Thankfully, she was in a little competition with one of the vice principals to finish her reviews first, so the bandage was ripped off nice and quick.

I, as usual, was a little more nervous than I should be. I have never liked getting called in to the office. Especially since I have a knack for appearing guilty even when no crime was perpetrated. My wife can especially vouch for that trait. So yes, there was good reason to be nervous, and it is because the universe regularly conspires against me.

I was presented with a rubric that was something of an outline of the various aspects of my job and the four rating categories that each may fall into. The principal blew through it really fast, but explained about the categories ‘unsatisfactory’ being what it states, ‘basic’ would be the entry level of knowing how to do your job and is the expected point for doing one’s job, ‘proficient’ is doing incredibly well in what is assigned and having above-average outcomes, and ‘distinguished’ meaning going far and beyond the call of duty to do something worthy of being pointed out. The last category is not meant to be the final goal of all job aspects, but rather something extra being done, which I thought interesting.

Well my review, as it turned out, left me rated as ‘proficient’ in all categories except my amount of work accomplished. In that, I was deemed ‘distinguished’. That surprised the heck out of me, and as I told my reviewer, I thought I was just doing my job. She said that is usually how it happens. I must say, that is a nice way of putting it.

All of this makes for a prelude to an exchange I had with my mom via email, where I sassed her about emailing while at work, to which she promptly replied:

Like you don’t blog on the taxpayer’s dime, Evan.

So to my mother, I say just look at my grades!