The Week is Done…

Okay, here’s the recap of what happened this week, plus some extra fun things that managed to occur:

Monday’s golf tournament was fun. It was set up as foursome scrambles, and all those playing from work took over the back nine of a pretty nice course in Anoka. I had a blast, and on one hole, we actually played off of each one of my shots, getting us a par. That sort of stuff makes me almost believe I could be good at the game. Of course, I then realize golf really is a silly game, plus it is quite a bit more fun when you plan to be awful in the first place.

Tuesday I went with my friend the band director and her 7th grade band to the Mall of America. Each half of the band performed their set, then it was off to a couple hours of eating and running amok. The MOA has an indoor (duh) amusement park, formerly known as Camp Snoopy. It was just going to be her as the sole school staffer on the trip and none of the parents going with on the bus from the school. She was pretty grateful to have me around to help, and I was more than happy to help my friend and get most of a day off from work.

Of course, after we had come back from those escapades, I still had to teach the final session of my Animation class after school for two hours. I had compiled all the kids’ animations into a whole video, which I hope to post up somewhere on the web when I can. There was only a little tweaking left to do, and then we all had some pizza along with throwing the whole thing onto a DVD and setting up the good projector and sound system. Though there were some days I really did not have it in me to run that class (namely since spring makes kids lose their minds), I was still a little sad to have it end. Here’s my small group of 7 kids:

Wednesday… holy cow Wednesday. Jazz Band was planned for after school, as I managed to have ‘other things’ planned after school two days before (like coming in second in a tournament). By afternoon, some of the storms that have been teasing us for a week finally arrived and dumped some precipitation. That is all well and good. Of course, then about 10 minutes into the final hour of school, the sirens across town went off, and then the announcement was made: we are under a tornado watch.

We had not, to my knowledge, run any tornado drills this past school year, so the kids went a little haywire. All they had to do was get up and head down to their designated areas in the basement. The kids did well enough, but it was slow going. Had we had a drill or two, I don’t think it would have been so chaotic getting to the right places. Once finally in the basement (my group was in the wresting room with another few hundred) we had everyone sitting, but terribly noisy. And smelly. It was overly humid in general due to the weather, then we were all crammed into a basement room below hot water pipes. It was just a tad foul. At least no tornado actually formed, and we eventually all made it out of the school about 40 minutes past our normal day’s end.

The short story is, I had my first jazz rehearsal canceled due to my first tornado watch.

That’s it for now… it’s a lovely Sunday morning, and I have a garage to clear out in the desperate hope of parking in there by winter. Plus, I’m sick of tripping over junk to get to what I actually need. I write again later.