Leaps and Bounds…

You know, it used to be the United States at the forefront of human rights and, even more so, human freedoms. Now, in the 21st century, all we seem to do is catch up, or fight against the backtracking that occurred in our country.

We were founded as the most liberal country in the world, and we should continue to be so. Of course, liberal, in this sense, means classic liberal (read ‘libertarian’ now) and means being for freedom from government intrusion, regulation, and oppression. Classic liberalism means that one may think, say, act, and worship as they please, and are bound only by the brilliance of natural human reason and the simple golden rule.

So all that brings me to give Britain their due credit for doing what is right. And who would have guessed that the world did the exact opposite of pulling apart at the seams?

It is almost depressing that we still have not fixed what is wrong, just as Truman did when he integrated the military in nearly six decades ago. But then again, with the people who have been in charge for as long as they have, it is no surprise.