Like Cousins…

It seems that my goofy cat Tyrone has managed to follow directly in the footsteps of his cousin, Buster. This is an amazing thing, considering Buster lives way out in the California mountains.

Last night, just as it started to rain, my kitten brought in a little toy from the great outdoors. Well, he thought it was a toy. Michelle had just come home, and I had Austin in the tub, so I went out to the garage to bring Tyrone in for the night. As soon as I got into the garage, I hear this sad little squeaking/squealing, and a small brown creature being follow by a slightly larger straight black cat.

At first, I could not recognize the little thing Tyrone was chasing/playing with. It darted back under the car, and then under the couch we still have in the garage. Oh, speaking of which, if anyone in the Twin Cities area is looking for a perfectly good recliner couch, let me know and it’s all yours.

Tyrone quickly followed it under the couch, and the little thing ran out to the back wall. It was a little baby rabbit. Slightly smaller than a gopher, and luckily completely unharmed. Where it came from, I have no idea. We just have lots more animals like that even in the suburbs here than I had growing up in Central California.

So I managed to eventually corner Tyrone and lock him down in the basement so I could retrieve the rabbit. It was still hiding back under the couch, and so I opened the back door to the garage, lifted part of the couch (it’s incredibly heavy; stupid recliners) and it scurried out into the rainy night.

I tell you, though, it was a ridiculously cute little thing, and I’m glad Michelle never saw any more of Tyrone going after it. It’s a little easier for her to handle making sure Austin doesn’t drink the bath water than Tyrone torturing a baby bunny.

So yes, I feel Tyrone has finally lived up to his feline stature, which was long overdue. He got pretty freaked out by the wind and refused to go outside earlier that day. But at least like his cousin Buster, Tyrone knows how to properly hunt.