Spring is here, a Spuh-ring is here!
Life is Skittles and life is beer!
I think the loveliest time of the year is the Spring,
I do. Don’t you? ‘Course you do.

But there’s one thing that makes Spring complete for me,
And makes every Sunday a treat for me…

All the world seems in tune
On a spring afternoon
When we’re poisoning pigeons in the park.

Every Sunday you’ll see
My sweetheart and me
As we poison the pigeons in the park.

Life’s been going pretty swell out here, though rather tiring. On Tuesday evening was the final band concert of the year, which included the jazz band I’ve been teaching since January. We performed some prelude music while the giant seventh grade band assembled itself on stage. It went over well, and we got lots of nice compliments from those in attendance. I was really proud of the kids and the work they did, despite having nearly half the jazz band drop out for lack of interest (once a week is rough for some kids to justify, after all.)

It was not the first time I’ve directed a group before an audience, but it was the first with jazz. It was easy this time around, because we were just background music, nothing to be the center of attention. I don’t know if I showed it at all, but I was a little on edge, just because it was jazz. But hey, it went well. I survived. No reason I won’t the next time. First DL is over.

There are other wonderful things going on in my life. Austin has been beyond good the past few weeks. He loves the switch of me taking him to school in the morning and Michelle picking him up. He’s been getting himself dressed and his manners would do his Great Grandma Mary proud. And, now this will impress everyone who’s been to our house, there have been no toys placed on the Naughty Shelf for some time now. It’s amazing. I tell you, I’m done raising him. Anything else I do will be more harm than good.

Michelle is still getting up at five am and enjoying her hefty commute to work, where she can listen to music or podcasts and read. Mass transit does equal joy. In fact, I’m a little envious. But then again, I get to blog during my downtime at work. She loves being a cubicle warrior (and loves that I call her that). One thing you’ll know around here is that employees at Target Corporate love their jobs and the company itself. I was talking to her last night, and apparently what Coca-Cola is to some people, what with the collectibles and paraphernalia and whatnot, Target will be for her. And you know what? I can accept that, as I have been informed.

I seem to have a hold on my own life, no?