The Amphitheater…

Okay, so this is just a little plug for myself, but I’m not sure how many of my faithful readers (both of them) are aware I keep a second blog. It’s called The Amphitheater, and it’s meant to be a slightly more serious attempt at thinking and writing. Although I fall short of my own high standards all too often, I think my most recent post, Great Speeches, is almost decent. I’m especially fond of, besides the Churchill speech, the Dr King speech I found.

I wish I wrote more prolifically, but my daily life doesn’t always allow for free time and clear thought, so I write when I can (often at work). I’ve been tempted to combine the two blogs to give the illusion that I write regularly, but I still like to draw a distinction between my personal life and my ‘legitimate’ writing. Besides, it’s not a exactly a long and treacherous bridge to cross between the two.