My Wandering Mind…

This I Believe is a fascinating program. It is just a three-minute essay written by anyone and everyone about what they see in the world and the things that form their beliefs. I plan to keep reading and listening to what I can, so as to inspire me to write as well.

It seems an unfortunate thing that I cannot access my blogs here at work anymore, for whatever reason. Nearly every day, something triggers my mind to fire into contemplation, but it has nowhere to go. Granted, it is difficult in itself to find a long enough span of time free to spend writing out a complete thought, but I would prefer to have access to what tools I need in order to write.

Of course, the computer is a very poor writing tool for me. I do all my work at the computer. I have most of my forms of entertainment at the computer. And these days I now have the majority of my communications over internet connections. So a computer has become a rather distracting device in my world.

At any given moment, I can tab over to a different program, changing my entire thought. My thoughts are disjunct due to the availability of media in the same space. Because of this, my concentration is not what it could or should be. What’s worse is that it has ingrained itself to an involuntary action. Like a nervous tick, I look away or switch screens. I dare not hold onto a single sight or idea too long, apparently.

My life does not appear to hold time enough for me anymore. Writings are left unwritten, instruments are not practiced, and projects fall to the wayside. The actions I take are dictated by the whims and wills of everyone else. At work, I get called in for immediate action. At home, my son and my wife take attention away from my inner thoughts. Even when the others are taken care of, there are maintenance duties that I have to perform around the house if they are to be done.

I just had a brief moment here at work where I could write. And just like some chaotic clockwork, I am called to duty in the middle of a thought, so the thought is now gone. Until the timing of a thought and writing collide again, I bid you all adieu~