Ah ha! We meet again…

Well, it seems that it has practically been an age since I’ve last written out to the world. Who knew that buying and moving into my first house would occupy so much of my life? I had simply assumed that Michelle and I would just have to sign a couple pieces of paper, move our few possessions and our son’s many, and everything would be peachy keen. Okay, so I didn’t assume that at all. I knew it would be a long and drawn-out process to get all our finances in order and the utilities up and running (only yesterday got internet and phone back up and running, and even that may change, depending on how much we want better internet and more tv). Plus it’s taken me over two weeks to finally clean and sort through our junk to get to the point where one of our cars could actually be parked in the garage, of all places. Of course, it’s not the car I drive, but it’s at least something. Maybe someday I’ll be able to live the dream of parking my own car in the garage during winter! (Not this winter, but someday!)

So all that was a rather roundabout way to say that I finally have both internet and a slightly more eased life so I can finally write to everyone. Although, at the moment, I’m typing this out at work while waiting for a couple computers to finish doing what they’re doing. I won’t explain what exactly I’m doing, as it would probably lull you into a state of boredom to the point of thinking less of me.

Speaking of work, it is going quite well for me. I like working as the tech guy at a school, and as it’s turned out, I think I’m more on the ball than many of my new peers at other schools. And since it’s middle school, these kids are easy and fun to mess with. But what I’ve also managed to do is become a resident music technician as well. I’ve started going in to the beginning band regularly now to help those kids who have only just started playing their instruments for the first time. It’s lots of fun, and it makes for a nice break from dismantling and reassembling computer hardware and software. Starting in late November, I’ll even be teaching a music composition class after school, and after winter break, I’ll be the jazz teacher here too. The big thing for me will be to learn enough piano and brass to get by teaching the kids a little technique.

Austin turned three this month, which feels rather unbelievable, but it happened. We didn’t get in much celebrating because three days later we went and bought our house and started moving in. I’ll be posting up pictures below. It’s taken a couple weeks now, but the new house is slowly turning from where we live into our home. For me it’s been a great relief having things settle into their proper places in the house. I’m beyond prone to misplace things by simply setting them down where I wouldn’t look for them, and previously nothing had its place where I would look for it. But now, it’s shaping up well. Now I can set my keys down and only lose them for fifteen seconds instead of five minutes.

Michelle’s doing well enough, considering the wedding is about two weeks away now. Her job as a teller at a new bank is working out, and some shimmers of hope toward advancement are poking through the clouds of the entry-level world. She’s overdue to be noticed for her abilities and intelligence where she works. But all that is still taking a backseat to the coming days.

I’ll be posting up pictures here quickly. I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is doing well, and that I’ll see you sooner than later. This will be both an email and a blog post, so that those of you who are a little more savvy can bookmark my blog and read what I post there too. Now that I have internet at home and loads of computers to write on, I can finally keep up with it, if nothing else than for the sake of all of you I am out of direct contact with. Still, I plan to send out emails when I can to whoever will read them.

My lovely future wife and son playing in our new front yard.

Our increasingly big little boy.

The front of our new home on Orchid Circle.

Here’s the back. See the deck? That’s been a long-time dream of mine.

The ol’ Rav. Notice the plates? Yeah, never saw that coming.

This picture is for my dear Uncle Dave. I have one of those rare and highly soughtafter two-tone 1992 Corollas, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s what I’m lucky enough to drive! Yeah, I saw it coming.

And last, here’s our little family out to dinner on Austin’s third birthday.


PS, this is both an email and a blog. To follow the blog, it is posted at ebfryer.blogspot.com