How Droll!

Who says work email has to be professional?

Greetings, One and All!

Due to the testing in the labs through May 20,
Mobile Lab 2 is living in the Library.
It is booked every day during 4th and 5th P
For our class on computer exploratory,
But is otherwise free in the rear of IMC.
To check on its availability,
Please contact our librarian to see
When it’s free to be for thee.

If you don’t require any mobile lab lore,
Please I urge that this message you ignore.
Though I should probably have mentioned that before.
Now, like Benedict, I feel quite the traitor.

Apologies and Thanks!
Sincerely, Evan Fry-or

That’ll get their attention. I got a compliment from the big boss, so I think I’m safe.

PS, I always think and read the word ‘droll’ as a synonym for ‘dull’. The double-take is to remember it as odd dry wit. I think it also helps to hear it the same way I do: as though spoken by some kind of royal git or a bad impersonation of the Queen.