California Vacation, Days 1 & 2

My apologies for the lack of updating here. I’m sure I’ll fill you all in another time as to why. But suffice to say: we’re on long overdue vacation in California for Spring Break.
From March 11, Day 1.

Waiting at the gate in MSP. The consequence of creating the iPhone so easy a child could use it.

The view out half the windows at my parents’ house.

Boy and pond. Things were thrown.

So much green.

My girls as the sun sets.

Sunset behind the Sutter Buttes and the very distant gray Coastal Mountains.

From March 12, Day 2.

Snack time with an audience.

Off to visit Great Grandma. And the kids basically looked like blurs running around. At least M and I had a chance to sit and visit.

Em brought Granda Pam some flowers.

Pouting about something.

Preparing the flowers with Gram and Great Grandma.

Goofing around at snack time.

I believe this was a great big, “Pleeeeease!?” to milk Gram for all she’s worth.

Four generations of the women in my life.

The German Koenen descendants.

Dinner overlooking the world.

We are so happy to be here. A great sigh of relief came when we finally boarded the plane and knew we were on our way. Now we get to enjoy sleepy, rainy days in the gold country up here. As long as I get to read and Gram and Granddad get some good time in with the kids, it will all be a grand success.