The Twitter Feed for 2011-02-20

  • Steve Holt! #
  • Dear iTunes:

    You suck. We're not friends anymore. Don't call me again.

    Evan #

  • My arm hurts. Stupid cat licked it too much. Happy Valentine's Day. #
  • Did you know that noon is a different time of day than 7am? Weird, huh? Who'd have thought… #
  • Know those times when someone didn't follow your directions and it created way more work for you? Those times are swell (like a hemorrhage). #
  • My kingdom for 4GB of RAM and an SSD… #
  • Tonight's wish: a glass of wine and asleep by nine. #
  • Baked beans and toast make me feel like I'm having an English breakfast. Honest, I'm not being sarcastic. Odd memory association. #
  • I'm at home with my little girl today. She has had a cold and needs an extra day of rest. To be fair, so do I. #
  • My computer's battery life stinks. And it still has nearly the factory-level charge. #
  • I dig the new top menu bar in Gmail. Especially the gear icon for settings and account name next to it. Clear and simple. #
  • Smultron's full screen mode is so close to awesome. Just some goofiness with the scroll bar. #
  • Does every Mac have Google Chrome Renderers sucking up every inch of RAM space? It's a little crazy needing 50-100MB for text pages. #
  • Damn, awesome new Sparrow app doesn't send at work. Lousy firewalls blocking IMAP fun… #
  • Why do I feel like I just opened up another can of pain? #
  • Why oh why is there no wine in my house?? #
  • I'm not entirely sure how ecstatic I am about this move. It's in the right direction, but I'm not going overboard with joy just yet. #
  • This is grand. #
  • Steak should be thawed in fridge by now. Going sous vide again tonight. Can't wait. #
  • I think my son's ready for a pad of graph paper, a straight-edge, and a mechanical pencil. #
  • Quick Look works in Sparrow. Diggity. #
  • Two kids up before 7 this morning… what crap. #
  • "Dad, what would happen if a zombie won against a werewolf?" #
  • "Look at her butt! Look at her butt, Dad!" #
  • "No, I'm not a bird! I want a chip!" #