A Funny Little Place

The Internet makes our world a very accessible funny, little place.
So I’m going about my business, procrastinating, reading blogs; all the usual. I get to Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog and get this amazing view of Orion over some Mayan ruins:

I’m already wondering how quickly I can make this my desktop background for my laptop. I have always had a soft spot for astronomy and exploring the ways of the universe. Then I click over to Stéphane Guisard’s group of photos from Tikal. Perusing those amazing pictures, I find this:

There is something about seeing how the sky rotates over us that gives me pause. Then the bigger realization backs it up: the sky isn’t moving, we’re spinning underneath it.

You can see the pinpoint of our spinning top, the few specks of light we get to see in the evening. It’s all there during the day, though quite a different group being seen from the other side of the planet.

The world is so big and twirling so fast, it is almost impossible for our animal minds to fully grasp all that is in motion at once. Hence why such a view is both enlightening and nauseating at the same time. Just to add to the crazy, where the sun and fellow planets pass through this centrifuge changes through the seasons.

I saw this by following the link trail on digital bits scattered around servers across the world. I saw this and thought, “This must be how a ball feels rolling around on the floor.” We live in a funny, little place.