Getting My Clubs and Some Tees…

… because I’m hitting the links!

I’m thinking of doing a links page. I don’t have a format ready yet, nor a schedule. They’re mainly things I don’t have a full post for, but are worth sharing.

At least I think they are. Your opinions don’t really matter anyway. Get your own blog!

Wow, that was a bit defensive. I blame eating a lot of leftover enchiladas.

The Links…

  • The letterhead used by Jay Ward in 1962.

  • App” is the word of the year for 2010. I think this is rather amazing because before 2007, nobody outside the cult of Apple computer users knew what an application was.

    What was the standard? A program. Seriously, this language switch happened fast. And I’m okay with it. “App Store” sounds a lot better than “Prog Store”, which sounds like a really bad Ukranian Ikea knockoff.

  • Scott Adams writes on a topic that hits close to home: Marital Deafness. M and I had a few laughs reading it, because it’s true. Particularly for me, I cannot shift my concentration to fully hear any of my family members without due notification. I’m not ignoring, I just can’t listen without someone coming up to me.

    Frankly, it’s a problem I like. It counters a long-standing pet peeve in the family I was raised in: shouting across the house. I’ve seen other families attempt to use this communication method and it falls well short of success. To put it mildly.