Midweek Kids Fix

Pictures from … today! I can hardly believe it either. We had some sunshine coming in the house when we got home, so I tried to get a few snapshots.
From January 12th, 2011.

Charmin’ dude right here. Game on.

Smirking girl in her kitty sweatshirt. And doing the goofy hand pose thing that she does now.

I don’t know what this is. Um, rock on?

Close up of those blues.

Looking at this lad of mine, I think I have just as much to be worried about him as her in the future.

Now enough with the posed shots. Go get a book or something. No need to pose and stare right into the camera.

Good job.

How about you, Emily?

There’s some hair there. And not really wanting to take any more pictures.

How about with the big brother who loves you like crazy?

Nope, not having it. Time to whip the blond hair in the sunlight. And yes, her teachers have commented about her looking like a movie starlet.

Fine, no more pictures of you.

Last one of the boy. Blurry, but intense. Those dragons are going down!