More Evidence I’m a Twit

  • Tea and shortbread this afternoon. Christmas is now allowed to happen. #
  • Office for Mac updates are bloody huge. I am genuinely curious why. #imageek #
  • Merry Winter Solstice, everyone! And what oughta be Astronomical New Year's Eve! #
  • I'm screaming on the inside, falling asleep on the outside. #
  • Hey, if you're looking for fun stuff to listen to, Kesha's new Cannibal album is great! #owmybrain #
  • I've worked behind cube walls for about 4 months and I'm ready to tear them down. I don't like the isolation and staring at a wall feeling. #
  • I need to stop thinking because I get increasingly angry. #
  • I just blogged about politics. What the hell is that about? #
  • I dig my wife. She didn't kill me after I made a funny tonight. Always a plus. #
  • Say 'Doppleganger' with an English or Australian accent.

    Go ahead, do it.

    You sound like an idiot.

    Still fun to do, though. #

  • My mornings cannot keep starting like this. Unruly would be apt for today. #
  • I'll just say I'm glad I'm out of here in 10 minutes. Yeah. #
  • I go sleep now. If I don't wake up, good. #
  • Britain did not have forks until 1611. #
  • I'm completely hooked on Supersizers. Stuff like this always makes me ponder just what people of the future will think of us. #
  • My wife looks REALLY good. #
  • I just took a Mucinex pill. Not only was it only a shade smaller than a suppository, it had the distinct flavor of a toilet cleaning tablet. #
  • We need to return to calling people 'asses'. Someone is simply an 'ass'. No more douches, no more assholes. Maybe still some fuckwits. #
  • It's 9:30 in the morning, stop asking me what's for dinner. #
  • My kingdom for the powers of the Force right now. #
  • I'm eating soup! Happy day! #