Sick Again

I woke up feeling awful yesterday morning. I still braved going to work (and doing a band field trip to the city). Then I went home and crashed. Luckily other people were taking my kids so that made it easier.

Having rested so much, I woke up at 5 o’clock this morning. Running a fever, I grabbed some medicine and water and went back to bed. As I was laying there waiting to fall back asleep, my fever-addled mind was whirring.

I need to join up with three other jazz musicians to form a quartet again. My friends and I formed a group my final year of college and it was great. And we were a little different since we had an amazing guitar player rather than a piano player, as well as bass and drums.

I want to do it again. Four dudes playing jazz for small gigs. We did cocktail parties and weddings; very mellow stuff. If I can get a quartet together once more, I know just what to call us:

For Jasmine.