Blizzard Kids Fix

Last weekend a dusting of snow fell on the Twin Cities. A dusting as a child would dust a cupcake with as much frosting as they wanted. We were out and shoveling multiple times on Saturdays, and in the Cities proper, they were completely shut down almost through Monday (there’s no place to shove the snow down there).
From Sunday the 12th.

Once finished with the driveway a couple of times, with some help from my neighbors, I felt like relieving the deck of its burden.

A tall toddler to help explain the height that piled on the deck.

Unfortunately, after the snow fell it got very cold, so no immediate fun was really had.

The kids got to stay inside nice and warm, enjoying their favorite hobbies.

That’s the pose you will most often find my son in these days.

And a conniving smirk on my daughter’s face. I think she’s coloring specific zones on a map of Europe.

So then I get the fun of working in the cold.

Trying to give you an idea that the snow was above my knees.

And that all fell in under 24 hours. There’s more snow on the ground than I’ve ever seen by this time. It’s pretty cool.

From November 28th.

One last picture of Mommy and Austin sharing their particular trait.

Still my favorite thing.