Keeping Up With The Joneses

I’m trying out a few different pieces of software for keeping up with RSS feeds and Twitter. The newly released beta version of Reeder for Mac has already won my heart for RSS reading, even though some functionalities haven’t been added yet. I miss my highlight and post to MarsEdit in particular. The only thing has been learning a new set of keyboard shortcuts, which isn’t too bad, but skipping arrow keys for navigation is a tough habit to break.

For Twitter, last week (I think; time has been very elusive to me this year) I downloaded the newly updated Kiwi 2.0. For ages I had used Tweetie and despite trying other programs, Tweetie still was the simplest, smoothest way to get around Twitter. Kiwi changed that almost immediately. I picked out a simplistic theme that felt Tweetie-ish and dove right in. There is a lot of control and intuitive interactions with keyboard shortcuts being not too difficult to adapt.

However today I downloaded the beta of Weet. I like the smaller interface so far, and again it’s early beta so it’s quite incomplete in features. Like keyboard shortcuts (no underlying theme to this blog post, no siree) being almost absent. And it’s a little odd that navigating up and down is only by mouse right now. You don’t actually select a tweet and press up to the next one. Or a shortcut to start a new tweet. That’s a big deal, something I lived off of in Tweetie and now Kiwi.

Still, take all this with a grain of salt. Two of these programs have only been in public existence for a week and Kiwi just came out with its version update a week ago too. I’ll keep playing with all of them and if anyone cares, or if anyone doesn’t, ’cause it’s my blog anyway, I will write them up again once they’re closer to release.