They Are Coming. They Are Here.

Every summer, they invade. Black as pitch and utterly silent. They are an unstoppable force whose only drive is to come after us.

The joys of long, bright days are robbed from us. Every time we go to wash a dish, they are there. Every time to flip on the bathroom light, they are waiting. Every nook and cranny could contain one, watching, waiting.

There are those who claim they are harmless. That they will be here only a month or two then disappear into that good night. Try to ignore the problem and they won’t affect you.

But we know better. We know they are coming for us. Merely scouting now before they can shore up their numbers. Then they will strike, when we have reached our most complacent.

They are ninja bugs. They don’t scurry into a space, they are simply absent one moment and there on the wall the next. No sign of entry. No warning.

They are… Strawberry Root Weevils

More like, Strawberry Root-of-all-Evils!
More like, Strawberry Root-of-all-Evils!

But I say, we shall still fight their black menace.

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in our gardens.
We shall fight in our homes, whatever the cost may be.
We shall fight in the kitchens.
We shall fight in the bathrooms.
We shall fight on the floors
and on the counters
and on the walls.
We shall never surrender.
We shall fight when, even in our darkest hours, when the days are short,
fight until the good, bleak Winter takes down all insectile life once more.