Now That’s Comedy. Wait, I Mean Tragedy.

Mr Clark over at the Slacktivist finds something properly laughable:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Republican Christine O’Donnell, a candidate for the United States Senate, is unfamiliar with those 16 words.

You really have to check out the video from about the 2:30 mark. Within 30 seconds of that, Christine O’Donnell rightly gets laughed at by the entire room. It is honestly worthy of Saturday Night Live.

There hasn’t even needed to be all that much debate on the topic of religious and secular separation in this country since the Bill of Rights. The biggest debate? Whether to put it in the Constitution proper, or as an Amendment. (The Founders opted for Amendment because they needed to get a functional government, plus it was quite obvious the thing would get passed so they may as well get some practice).

Then comes the tears to my brain. This isn’t a skit. Not a spoof. Not even a snafu. It is a real debate between candidates for the United States Senate. Though tremendously faulty, it is the body that is the true check on Executive power. It is the place in the Federal Government I had most hoped to take my place in (though since I don’t sit well under either political party, those plans are slightly delayed.)

I have more coming. Suffice to say, if we as a people are even considering putting up candidates that utterly deny science, law, history, and even simple fact, then our country’s slow collapse is well underway.