I Just Can’t Say Nothing

I’m finally on an allergy medicine that seems to work well enough to get me through my day. By the afternoon I’ve slowed down a bit, and talking for extended periods can make my voice hoarse and eventually disappear.
This isn’t so bad at work, because I can usually (not lately, though) get breaks during the day to recoup myself. Not so with my children. Why? Because I talk to them constantly.

First, I talk to my daughter a lot. Especially now that she does more than parrot me. At just past two, she babbles to me a lot and is doing more back and forth talking. I am not about to let that lie unanswered. Speaking and music are two of the best things to develop a young brain’s synapses. And it is really worth the effort when I hear she and her big brother actually talking to one another.

Second, my six year old boy knows a ton. Not only is his vocabulary huge, he stores most any piece of information he comes across. Still, it gets jumbled and I have to correct him. So there’s that aspect of me talking to him regularly.

The other aspect is that when he asks me a question, I can’t just say nothing. I, being my father’s son, know a vast array of things beyond the average person. I don’t mean to be cocky in any way, it is just that I lust for knowledge, so any chance I can tie what I know to new information keeps it all better stored in my mind and so I just know lots of stuff. Blame my dad, that’s his brain at work there.

I do this for my son now, working to clarify and expand on the lots he already knows. I am sure at some point he’ll get sick of me going on about things when he just asks one little question, but for now I’m going to keep adding two scoops of learning any chance I can. He’ll thank me when he turns 25 and realizes, “Holy shit, I sound just like my dad; thank God!

Every day this week I have ended up sounding like a ghost, but it is completely worth it.