Baseball Kid Fix

From April 18th. M and I took Austin to a baseball game on Sunday. We were pretty stoked to see the Twins play in their new ballpark.

There was sky and grass and everything!

M needed a picture of the two of us.

This is what Austin looked like for the first two innings, because our seats came with a free hot dog and lemonade.

After the game, as a Sunday tradition, they let the kids run the bases. How much fun is that!?

I love the state logo with the Twins, Minnie and Paul (and the sky with clouds!)

Us out on the field.

Right field foul line.

The screen there is amazing. Full sun on it and still perfectly viewable.

Mommy and her cool little boy.

There’s the good-lookin’ dude!

He and I in front of the visitor dugout. I so wanted to go in there and crunch on the sunflower seed shells.

You guys went where without me?