More Birthday Kid Fix

Time for some bowling! The birthday girl loved this.

All on her own. (And I can’t believe she’s big enough for her own set of bowling shoes…)

Coming up to the ramp. This thing is a great idea for the wee ones.

Loading up the ball.

And the expression of glee from just rolling a big ball down a hill. She’s in the middle of yelling out, ‘WOAH!’

Grandpa came over to see the birthday girl for a bit. Now they’re sitting back to watch Austin go for it.

The boy’s early attempt was just amusing to see.

Now, we’ve got a pro. I love this next shot.

And generally the normal sequence of events.

Wait for it…

Yes! Knocked something down.

My kids watching Mommy bowl.

Then we finally got home and put on pajamas, only to find our birthday gift in the living room!

Time to let our hair down and sit in the big pink armchair.

Happy Birthday Girl. She’s two now.