Marriage, Amended

My dear home of Minnesota has a law on the books, since 1977, limiting marriage to between a man and a woman. Before then there was even a court ruling against same-sex marriage. And thank goodness for that!

But even with that in place, we have been living dangerously close to the precipice of civil society. With these laws in place, they could be changed by duly elected representatives in our state legislature. This body could dare to act in accordance with the will of modern society and change the law! This could destroy us all and everything we hold dear. Remember 1965? That shit could happen again!*

Now we have an amendment to our state constitution on the ballot. We can let the stoic-minded among us enshrine the will of the people to keep marriage restrictions in place. Finally, we can let the true will of the people be heard, just as our Founding Fathers intended! Like how our Senators would be directly elected by a state governor’s appointment and approved by said state’s legislature. How could we not fully agree with the not-tyranny of a democratic mob?

Not only can we have our law on the books, but we can go a step further by using a constitution to restrict freedom to a small minority that only want to solidify their status as a loving couple wanting to make a family. And if there’s one thing conservatives really hate, it’s families. Families with two parents raising children.

Thank the Holy Baby Jesus that money is pouring in from churches in and around our state to pay for this amendment’s proponents. And thank those good churches for informing people how they should vote, a logical followup for telling people what to think. After all, if you only prayed, the vote might not go your way.

I for one will be voting NO on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment. I’m proud the company I work for has not only sided against it but also fundraised against it. And I’m proud that friends of mine believe similarly that laws based on hate should not be passed.

Because, and let there be no doubt about this, this is a law based on hating a small group of people. If gay marriage is against the law already, why else besides hate would you decide to vote an extra amendment banning it? It is only to stick it to them queers, I tell you.

So I am voting NO. And I would put signs up in my yard if I didn’t fear reciprocity from my neighbors. Pleasant people indeed.

Besides, if we start passing laws to restrict freedom, this could be next!

*At least we’re fighting back on that too with a voting ID amendment that would restrict who can vote. That’ll stop all that fraud we’ve been having when only half of the electorate bothers to fill 5 bubbles on a sheet of paper in their neighborhood!