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Funny Stuff

I keep up with what I can in the world, but I rarely miss the funnies. Similar to The Daily Show, they’re easy enough doses to digest during busy days.

  • “Simple Instructions” is phenomenal. And the last line here is genius. I’m totally going to start using it.
  • “Atheist Pig” nails a long-held belief of mine: children are born pure and innocent, it’s the rest of life that can bring them down. Since having my own kids, this thought has only been reinforced.
  • “Hijinks Ensue” is a delightfully filthy, geeky comic. I relate to a few too many topics. But you can ask anyone, this is me.
  • Lastly isn’t a comic, it’s a podcast. “The Bugle: Audio Newspaper for a Visual World.” You should listen to it. It’s the tastiest bullshit you’ve ever partaken. Their episode 206 here early on contains one of my favorite lines in all Comedom:

    “But we’re back! The Dream Team is back together. Andy, we’re like Goering and Himmler: you might not like what we do, but you cannot fail to be impressed with the extent to which we’re getting away with it.”

Editor’s note: this is a fresh attempt to entirely compose and publish on my iPad.

Editor’s note 2: I wound up having to copy the text into my laptop’s browser. So close, but not quite there yet.