Funny Stuff…

I liked the retort by Shani-O, guest blogging for Alyssa Rosenberg, about why she enjoys The Office.

But we don’t often see the bitter-sweetness of The Office in half-hour comedies, particularly sitcoms. Mostly we see dumb, broad jokes, and no real character movement or depth. In contrast, Michael’s desperation, Angela’s insecurity, and Jim’s inability to take off all inform the show’s realness, and more importantly, its humor.

My current television crush, Community, is an interesting study in pain and humor. While it isn’t nearly as awkward as The Office, it has a cast of seriously hurting men and women who are all attempting to make their lives a little better. Except, sometimes they’re so screwed up that they don’t know what “better” is, and the adults who teach them are often worse off. Add to that a fantastic, often absurd script each week, and you have a show which successfully blends pain and humor.

Huh, I didn’t mean this post to turn into a plug for Community, but it seems I just can’t help myself.

I also read the other article Shani-O that she linked to at the end. It definitely put more coherently why I like Community over Glee. Plus I enjoy the world of ad-hoc, juxtaposed friendships over the simplistic, teen-minded world of high school cliques.

I still like The Office but it definitely isn’t what it was a couple of years ago. It does look like the show will be wrapping up this season, which I’m actually excited to see. I like when shows have a proper ending, rather than just waiting for revenues to peter out and die slowly and alone.