Dangerous Texting…

Looks like I’m back on the McSweeney’s Internet Tendency bandwagon. I left for a while, because they don’t publish anything in their RSS feed beyond the title. But damn if it’s not worth clicking over for gems like this, Five Other Activites During Which Texting Can Be Dangerous.

While Fighting 99 Ninjas

Sure, your phone is a great weapon in fights like this. And texting your friends while killing 99 ninjas, one by one, is a great way to show off for the camera. But what about all the blood you’ll get on the phone? And what if the ninjas start texting you just to mess with your concentration? And ultimately, what happens when Ninja 99, the leader, spins a Chinese star into your keypad? Well, now you’ve got to go back to the cell phone dealer, and you know from previous experience they don’t honor warranties just because your phone has a Chinese star in it. This is going to cost you. Keep your phone in your pocket while fighting 99 ninjas!