Midweek Kids Fix…

From September 16th. (I seem to always run a couple of weeks behind, don’t I?) Miss Emily after a bath, in her favorite nightgown. That damp hair really makes her eyes pop, doesn’t it?
09-9-16 1.jpg

So much so that Daddy can’t resist sneaking up behind her and giving her a kiss.

09-9-16 2.jpg

From September 19th. The hair is finally long enough to try out our first ponytail.

09-9-29 1.jpg

From above. Also, the Tyrone’s tail.

09-9-29 2.jpg

The profile while holding one of her favorite toys: a measuring spoon.

09-9-29 3.jpg

And of course, striking a pose, this time by smothering a stuffed bunny. How sweet!

09-9-29 4.jpg

Now to clear up some room in the camera for the soon-to-be birthday boy…