Don’t Mean to be Geeky…

And I even got out my adorable new netbook!

Xkcd gets right to the heart of it again.

Growing up a geeky lad, this is the sentiment we all feel that stops us dead in our tracks. We don’t seem to have the chiseled appearance, the ideal resume of extra-curricular activities, or the large amounts in our back or front pockets. So what do we do? Envision the scenarios that must happen that keep us from meeting some special girl.

Of course it’s a misnomer. On all parts, really. There’s no reason we’re not the catch of the day. And frankly, our geekish lowered self-esteem means we aim for more than just a night out. Our minds have time to plot and plan and create an underground, mental establishment of stability. We want the relationship, the partnership, the friend.

Geeks are strong friends. We all knew each other before we grew out of shells, from when we didn’t make many friends, because we were geeks. Case in point, my foolish first puppy-love relationship that lasted (too) long and I kept myself from everyone else. It was a novice mistake, for sure. But damn if my best friends didn’t pick me back up right where we left off, no hesitation.

I know it’s tough to make that first connection beyond one’s comfort zone. But I think it’s time we geeks took that leap. Of course, get to know the girl, see that she could compliment who we are. The thing to always remember: your true friends wait for your return. We may have that movie adventurer ideal of the lone wolf, but really we’re a pack of very loyal dogs.

(The hardest part is when your friends don’t like the girl, they’re decent enough to let you figure it out on your own. Glad to know mine was approved of and joined our odd little family.)

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