Wisdom Teeth Extracted…

At around 10:30 this morning, I went under general anesthetic. At 11:11 (a very lucky number) I was awake enough to ask the time. My two wisdom teeth were out and in their places were a pair of chunks of bloody gauze. I was still fading in and out, and my dearly beloved was smiling her beautiful smile, holding back from utterly mocking me in my state.
Recovery has been easy, really. I just sat around watching movies, waiting for numbness to subside enough for me to down some ibuprofen and penicillin. Then yogurt. By the evening, I was up and making dinner for the kids.

It’s not that M wasn’t helpful. She handled Em in all her snotty, cold-laden glory. For me, since I was able to be up and about, following my routines helped distract me from the pain and hunger.

Still, I tried a homemade egg drop soup. Simple and worked okay: 2 cups of chicken stock, 2 lightly beaten eggs, and a bit of salt. Boil the broth, slowly pour in the eggs, gently breaking them up a bit with a fork. Last, add a touch of salt for taste (not that I could taste all that much). Don’t add too much salt, because you don’t want to hide the flavor of the egg. I also want to try adding a bit of ginger next time I have a cold; supposedly that will help.

I was also able to gum down a bit of what I call bachelor chow (a la Futurama). It’s just a pound of ground beef for tacos, with a can of refried beans mixed in at the end. Long-lasting leftovers no one else in the house will touch. I made it in anticipation of my surgery.

Sorry for all the food talk. I got hungry after mandated fasting before the anesthetic, a minimum of six hours. Now I’m waiting to take another dose of preventative penicillin before bed.