Midweek Kids Fix…

Spring is here, a-Spuhring is here,Life is Skittles and life is beer…

How to know that Spring has finally, truly sprung out here.

2009 - Crabapple

Of course a big, dry windstorm knocked that all out, but at least we had about 3 days of beautiful white blossoms.

So far the kids have been having fun coming out in the fresh air.

Kids - Spring09

Kids - Spring09-2

Of course, Spring weather brings the cats out of the house too, to romp and to play and spend all their pent up energy.

Cats - Spring09

Or they’ll just lounge together and do absolutely nothing.  At least they’re just like the lions spotted by the kids at the zoo previously.

Zoo - Lion

And unrelated to Spring except for the buoyancy of my daughter’s hair sporting the double Who do!

Emily - Double Who