Cabinetry and Bicycles…

Recently I acquired something awesome. Now, my awesome is of a different definition than most. I live in a different universe than everyone else; I know that for certain. I once told my five year old son that what he said was interesting and he replied, ‘No, Dad, it’s not interesting.’ He knows better than I do, certainly.
Still, I think this development at my household will be appreciated by some. Check out what I scored for my garage:


That’s right, I got cabinets! In one fell swoop, I managed to quadruple my storage and give me a workspace for about 25¢ of gas. It was sitting out in the back of the school to be thrown out. So it’s heavy, ugly, used, and since it came from the teacher’s lounge, covered in coffee stains.

In other words, it’s perfect! There’s even room for the cat food and water dispensers at the end of it. I can actually start storing things without taking up more space and have a place to work on stuff outside of a basement closet. I still have some cleaning and sorting (and pitching) to do, but the garage is on its way to being useful. Here’s another view:


And yes, that’s the Lad with his patented grin wearing a bicycle helmet. And on top of the shelf in the background is my sweet new glow-in-the-dark basketball to replace the one that, ahem, a certain Uncle managed to puncture (wink). The bike was the big Easter present from Mom and Dad this year. He’s mighty stoked. And of course, knowing he’s being filmed means he’s going to grin at the camera.