Mom Rocks…

Mom, I know what the rocks out by our garbage can are called.

Agate Moochers!


Agate Moochers!

Uh, no honey. They aren’t moochers. Agates are types of rocks.

Yeah. I, I was just kidding. They’re Agate Shields!

No… They could be agates…

No. Mom. They’re tigers’ eyes!

Mom, tomorrow, right away when you get home, could you read the book with the pools in the air?

[Please, place your guess as to which book in the comments. Winner gets bragging rights. Answer coming on Friday, hint on Wednesday.]

Hint: Believe it or not, it’s a Dr Seuss book.

Answer: Oh The Thinks You Can Think by Dr Seuss.

I had no idea anyone was still paying attention.  I know I wasn’t.  Praise to Rachel for making me finally follow up on this!