Come and Gone…

A whole year passed since my daughter was born. My parents came out this past weekend to join us in celebrating, and the Lass rewarded them with lots of smiles and even five new steps. It was a grand visit for sure. I think they enjoyed sitting back and just being with the grandkids. This was good, because I apparently had a bout of food poisoning to get over (it’s a week later now, and I finally am feeling more like myself).
My dad and I did a number of little projects around the house. He always has good ideas for solving the problems I have. I still need to complete putting chicken wire in the basement ceiling to keep the cats out. But at least some holes have been patched, doorstops installed, and a baby gate blocking the stairs. The Lass is really enjoying having more room to roam.

It still is astounding how much faster life travels when you are older. I think kids really make a difference with that too. As a parent, a big chunk of your life is lived for them, but time does flow right past, even while you’re not concentrating on yourself. And rather than celestial events to use as markers, you use your children’s events.

A year ago, my daughter was born. It was a little warm, but it snowed and got slushy. She held my finger so tight while she was wheeled to the nursery to have blood drawn and tests done (all standard stuff). My wife and I hadn’t settled on a name quite yet since after being born, she didn’t fit the ones we had thought of originally.

Then life kept moving. She’s gone from nothing to a smiling, babbling, nearly walking kid with a sense of humor. Just a year. But it also feels like so much more than a year, as if it was a different life entirely when my son was still in daycare and Mommy was home with the baby.

Now I have a new life to handle. The Lass up and about, and will be more and more. Toddling is coming. Meanwhile, the Lad is moving up and out. Riding a bike and skateboard will be happening shortly. High chances of handling crappy neighbors will probably follow. I hope that this summer he can find a kid or two nearby that can fulfill the needs for a friend that I cannot (and frankly should not).