What Have I Been Doing?

I know the fastest way for a blog to commit suicide is to not post. The next best way to kill a blog is to talk about blogging. So instead of all that, I’ll list all the things I’ve been doing instead.

  • Tending to ill children. Since the beginning of the year, I have had a single week of being at work for my full hours. There’s always been at least one member of the family ill, including myself. I’d get a call in the middle of the week saying one of the children has a fever and I’d have to get them and keep them home for an extra day. And if you think you’re in a place to be even minimally creative when you’re cradling a baby with a 104 degree fever, you’d be wrong.
  • Reading. Not all that much; just a couple of novels. Still, it’s far more than the nothing I’d previously been reading. And to my wife’s great satisfaction, I have read the first book of the Twilight series. It was good, but it definitely reads as a teenage chick book, including the irrationality that goes in the mind of its target audience.
  • Working. When I’m not handling sick children. It’s been both busier at work and, at the same time, unmotivating. There’s been enough to keep me occupied lately; we’ve switched over to new servers, so we’ve of course had to deal with bugs that crop up with that. But the lack of quieter downtime keeps me from working on other projects and following the blogs that I formerly did. That all becomes a damper on my inspiration to blog.
  • Experimenting in the kitchen. The lad and I have been watching cooking shows. I’ve been inspired to toy around with what little I know about food. I should take some cooking classes; I’ve always wanted to. But until that time and money frees up (cough), my family will be my guinea pigs.
  • Journaling. Again, at least more than usual. I don’t know how long I have been writing for myself. Since junior high? Maybe late elementary school? Either way, I’m glad I’ve been putting pen to paper more often than twice a month.
  • Nothing. It always feels like nothing. I have felt really stagnated for a while now. Getting myself into a new teaching licensure program has been slow. Taking so long to get healthy around here has meant falling behind housekeep. It’s been just a matter of existing from day to day.

Sorry to end on a downer. To cheer you up, go watch some season six of The Simpsons. That’s what I’m doing for my last day of spring break and I am laughing plenty.

But the ball! His groin! It works on so many levels!