Pens and Pencils…

The excitement I get when testing a new pen or pencil is probably not healthy. Overall, I have become a fan of all things Uni-Ball. I am already hooked on the Signo .38 RT. It was a pen I just had to try since hearing that there were .38mm size pens. I am always searching for a fine line in a pen so I can match the control I have with a good old .5 pencil, and this .38 RT writes smooth and fine so as to handle my rough handwriting in my journal.
Now I am testing out a .7 Jetstream. I was leery at first. Anything larger than .5mm tends to write too fat and thick for my tastes. Still, I wanted to find a clean ballpoint to make use of when I need one.

Well, this is it. Previously, the only ballpoints I ever touched were Zebra compacts I keep in my pocket. But now this feels like a pen I could write in my journal with (which I was doing when testing this out). A light touch still produced a clean line. Well, as clean as my faux script allows. And it’s not too wide. Since it is a ballpoint, it allows for a little more control than many other gel pens.

Plus the Jetstream is a handsome pen. It looks sharp and clean, and I think the clicker on top being wide and flat fits the motif. My Signo .38 is a joy to write with, but it looks cheap and even feels like it a bit.

To top it off, this Jetstream is the pen I just used to complete a crossword puzzle … almost. Only a single square is left empty. It looks and feels good to do a New York Times crossword in pen. Of course, it was only a Monday puzzle. Still, I’m proud of myself. Next time I’ll use a blue or red ink and make my triumph really stand out.

And there goes my hubris to prepare my inevitable downfall.