They Ain’t No Nazis…

With the impending closure of Guantanamo Bay, the question comes up of what to do with those imprisoned there. We know that they will be brought to trial, as should have been done several years ago. The rule of law is slowing being restored, though it will be a tough process.
We need to have a place to put these suspects (remember, no real charges against many of them) in the interim before trial. Maybe we should follow the process of the law for all our citizens and aliens: put them in jail.

This leads into a bigger argument that is starting to take shape. These suspect terrorists are not super villains and we should completely cease treating them as such.

The biggest failure of the war on terror has been the creation of a war on terror. First of all, terror is a state of fright. Second, terrorism is a tactic, not a nation or NGO. And third, these Islamist networks are absolutely nothing compared to Nazi Germany or the USSR. At best, Bin Laden is a rung below Jabba the Hutt.

Bringing the suspects back to reality should help us come back down to reality. If we go back to believing they are small-fries, then we can free ourselves from fear. We aren’t fighting a super-menace anymore. We just need to go out and police the parts of the world they come from. The rest of our resources can go back to being for building up economies against breeding their insanity.

There is a chance that on any given day, we could be hurt again. There is always a chance. It’s the price of being alive, really. I still fear being killed while driving or by a drunken hunter far more than terrorists blowing something else up.

If the worst should happen, we cannot let what happened after 9/11 to happen again. There cannot be panic or irrationality ruling the moment. We must be like Britain or India or any of the other places attacked by the group-o-crazies: stalwart. You get stuff cleaned up and you keep going. Too much of a moment’s pause, too much fear clouding your judgement, and the terrorist’s objective has been met. If you keep on walking, then their tactic doesn’t work. That is how you win a war against a tactic.