Take A Ride On The Reading Railroad…

I have had One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest on my bedside table for over a month now. I cracked it open nearly two months ago, I think. It’s really good, and I’m nearly done with it.
I read recently an article about a woman who averages more than a book a day. She consumes things differently, almost taking a page in as a whole, rather than line by line. Granted, this is an extreme, and she is a professional reader and reviewer. I still envy it.

I very much wish to learn how to speed read. When reading, I hear the words and phrasing in my mind. This leaves me getting caught up on more complex or awkward lines.

Other issues come from my lack of retention. Of course with reading, same as listening, some things stick and some done. However with me, as my dear wife will attest, I seem to have a much greater amount of anti-adhesive than the average person. It’s not really through lack of trying, I don’t think. A big part of it has to come from environment and especially sound.

I am no multitasker. Frankly, I’m of the camp that believes multitasking is a misnomer. It’s more like fraction-tasking. Either way, I cannot pull it off; I have a bad filter for concentrating.

If there is noise in the background, particularly voices, it blocks my reading. Writing not as much, but definitely reading. Maybe it’s because I read with a voice in my mind. I cannot read with the television on or with someone talking to me. One will definitely get filtered out, or if I’m trying to split my attention, neither get retained.

Back to the original point: I wish I could speed read. Maybe somewhere I’ll find a program that works for that. The big trick is to take away the inner voice that translates the reading and allow the words to just go straight into the brain.

If I could do that, I think I would have more confidence as a writer. I don’t consume enough writing to know if what I do is good or not. For blogging, I feel like I don’t read through and retain enough material to make use of it. And in the blogosphere, he who hesitates is definitely lost.

Anyone with a recommendation to a speed reading program, or at least tricks to read faster and better, please do let me know.