What We Saw…

What we witnessed has happened for over two and a quarter centuries. Every two years, our nation shifts its seats of power, and every four or eight years, the most powerful person in the world shakes the hand of their successor and simply walks away from it.
Aside from the other great steps we have taken that came to fruition today (such as my children growing up in a world where a Black man has already been President), the event itself is historic interest. Watching the swearing in of the elect and the bidding adieu of the former floored me. For over two hundred years, for essentially our entire existence, the stewardship of our country changed hands.

No violence, no riots, no revolution has come about due to a change in our executive. Nothing happens. It never has. It’s all rather dull and dry (well, usually). And it’s just what we expect to happen. Sure a great many other countries go through similar changes, but we have been at it for a very long time.

We should be quietly proud of that fact, too. Our Republic and Constitution are the oldest and longest unchanged in the world. I guess having the people be the ultimate check on government was a rather staying notion, no?

As for today’s ceremonies, I loved the music. Aretha Franklin singing before the Vice President took his oath and John Williams’ original composition performed by a circle of geniuses… it was just grand and timeless. And I thought the Benediction by Dr Lowery and his inclusion of text from the Negro National Anthem was a brilliant touch.