The @ebfryer Twitter Feed for 2012-05-27

  • Grandma quilts: camouflage and comfort! #
  • What do you get when you combine German and English languages? Gibberish. AKA, Dutch. AKA, Hollandese. #
  • Nothing as surreal as a room full of people working silently and motionless at their computers while Bohemian Rhapsody blares on the stereo. #
  • The wife just started humming the tune I was singing a couple minutes ago. It's official: I have super powers. #
  • "No it's not." #
  • I'm trying to train Hulu to only show me ads for booze. They're more entertaining, plus they're more relevant to me. #
  • Beer or margarita tonight? #
  • @jzeller I did margarita. Got to open my really really good tequila that was on sale: amazingly good. Could sip it straight. in reply to jzeller #
  • When I talk about Northern Canada, I really just mean Canada. Sorry for the confusion. #